Having worked in the online media industry - journalism, photography and visual branding - for over a decade, Emma first set up her blog in 2009 while working as a journalist. In 2015 she went full time on her freelance work of photography, consultation and content creation, and four years later she was earning six figures from her business.

She learned a lot along the way having done it all alone and built her business in the new emerging industry of social media, and loves sharing her knowledge and experiences to help others navigate the sometimes confusing world of creativity and freelance. Emma is passionate about helping others achieve and shares openly and honestly about her own experiences and the lessons she's learned along the way, imparting the knowledge and experience she had to learn first hand.


This is more than just another online booklet, this is a 360 approach to creative support, information, community and growth.
I want you to succeed. I created this for fellow creatives, and a younger me who would have loved a community who support me and feel part of a group while working alone I love supporting women to succeed and I’ve watched so many blossom since launching the mentorship. I am teaching you what I had to learn, and hopefully this can fast track your success and happiness within it.


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